1994 - 1995 American Royal Open team participant
2010 Geronimo VFW Cook off - Best in Show (final judges table brisket and ribs) (40 teams)
2011 Geronimo VFW Cook off - 10th place cook's choice (50 teams)
2012 LaVernia BBQ COOKOFF BEST IN SHOW (final judges table on all categories (197 teams)
2012 LULAC Hill Country State Championship 3rd place showmanship,  10th place brisket and ribs (175+ teams ) 2015   MAY 31st - Competed on Guy's Grocery Games on Food Network

2016 Celebrity Judge CPS Grills Giving

2017 June comepted on BBQ Rig Race pilot episode, on the Food Network

2017 Silver Center 1st Peoples ad Judges choice Appetizer

More to come as Kathy is always on the move and provides the best BBQ in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico and wherever you want it to be. 

Former member of the  San Antonio Chefs Cooperative

The BBQ Queen 

Hailing from legendary BBQ oasis Kansas City, it should not be any surprise Kathy Pullin has a love for BBQ.

However, it wasn't until Kathy participated with a team at the American Royal Open in 1994 and 1995 that Kathy was truly hooked on the art of creating great BBQ.

Still working full time in the insurance industry, Kathy spent nights and weekends honing her craft by catering private events as Sassy Sauceless BBQ. in 2011, Kathy launched Pullin Premium BBQ and has never looked back. Kathy has retired from the insurance career to focus full-time on BBQ.

Kathy makes regular appearances on SA Living doing live cooking segments, catered several times for KJ97 at the San Antonio BBQ cook-off and has cooked for several musical artists and tv personalities.

In her spare time, Kathy and her husband spend free time at their beach house Texas Coast fishing and BBQing. Kathy is a domestic violence survivor and volunteers at various domestic violence organizations in the area.